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Back to basics

Don’t get me wrong i am a big fan of electric, trippy, genre defying music, but sometimes you need to crack open a beer shut out the world and appreciate music in its most natural form. Here are a few songs that no matter where i am can do exactly that, so… here you go cats. and … Continue reading

Kick Starting the Summer

Wassup Wassup, just a collection on some of the tunes getting me excited for summer, you may notice a lack of Dubstep and Reggae in this post, but don’t worry your prayers will soon be answered. in the mean time, enjoy this lot. Holla!

Summer will come… but in the mean time….

My posts have slipped to the wayside in recent times, but a combination of january blues, new music and planning next years travels have given me the kick up the backside i needed, so… You know how it, dark, grey, no money, deadlines and christmas is just a memory… well don’t freak out just yet, … Continue reading

Earl Sweatshirt

2011 has been a good year for hip hop with the lonely awaited release for Jay Z’s and Kanye’s collaboration ‘Watch the Throne’ however for me the discovery of the year came when driving through Europe on the way to Outlook festival. The oldschool beat and shocking vivid lyrics really grabbed my attention. However, when … Continue reading

one man against the world

Time to take a break from the riots, economic crisis and pit bull. chill the fuck out, sit back and enjoy the sound of a real summer. People think of Reggae as just Bob Marley… this mixcloud cast will blow you away with its subtle beats and feel good sounds. enjoy one man against the … Continue reading

Maverick Sabre

A guy who describes him self as a singer song writer born in London and brought up in Ireland, Maverick Sabre is jet another British talent carrying the baton. After appearing on a handful of tracks by Irish rappers Terawrizt and Nu-centz in 2008 Sabre moved to london to pursue his career in music.  Here … Continue reading


This time last week i was getting ready for a trip to Prague for a mates 21st, I packed somewhat hurriedly with blurry eyes (due to the previous evenings work night out in Cambridge). I thought i had packed all the essentials only to discover upon arrival at Stansted had forgotten my headphones! A cardinal … Continue reading

just add Pimms…

hear is the second installment of my summer playlist, I didn’t plan for two but writing the first only made me realise just how many tunes I missed out! Jun is upon us and that only means one thing….. Late nights in the garden, beers and music! So enjoy…….. next time you get the barby fired up … Continue reading

everything everything

I Guess have drifted away from indie music in the last couple of years, due mainly to a couple factors. Perhaps the major contributing factor is that music has moved on, bass has taken over! The second of these reasons has to be the fact the standard of new bands and existing band’s new material … Continue reading

Summer Playlist

Having spent the last week with my mates, sunning ourselves and opting for a ‘few’ drinks and a BBQ rather than hitting the town, I thought what better to do than share with you my ideal summer playlist. Music can add that extra touch to making a summers evening perfect, A cold beer, beautiful sunset and a … Continue reading